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Privacy Notice

Thank you for visiting the MarketingBooks website. MarketingBooks is an online portal that promotes South African exports.  In support of this objective, the MarketingBooks website occasionally collects business or personal information from our users. We do not collect this type of information without the voluntary consent of the site visitor. The main purpose of this policy is to inform our visitors that you have rights that all business or personal information provided to MarketingBooks is on a voluntary basis, and that information provided will be protected as far as possible.

All information submitted by visitors is voluntary. Submitting information constitutes your consent for MarketingBooks to use the information for the purpose stated and indicates to us you are aware of MarketingBooks’s Privacy Policy provisions. The specific practices outlined in this privacy statement apply to web pages contained within the confines of the MarketingBooks website, but do not apply to any third-party or external websites referred to by MarketingBooks (here you will need to refer to the privacy policy of each site in question). When you follow a link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policies of the new site.

Specific privacy issues

MarketingBooks takes the issue of privacy very seriously, including user interactions with its website.

Some data is collected automatically about users, including:

  • Standard machine identity details, as is normal and necessary when a user interacts with a website and server; and
  • Clickstream data on the nature of a user’s visit to the site, including server address, user’s upper domain category (eg: .com, .org, .za, .at, uk, etc), date and time of the visit, the path taken to the MarketingBooks site (eg: through a search engine or link at another site), and pages accessed, route taken through the site, searches performed, and documents down-loaded.
  • MarketingBooks uses cookies on its website, but only to identify a repeat visitor.  The cookies are not used to identify an individual, nor to track an individual's preferences or behaviour when using the site, nor to customise the site or affect what is offered to users.

When a user provides information to MarketingBooks through the website, such as making a purchase, or registering as a customer of the online store, MarketingBooks;

  • Does not collect any unnecessary information, nor distribute the information externally without the user's knowledge or consent, nor collect any information without the user's knowledge or consent
  • Attempts to store infomation as securely as possible and does not allow access to this information by external parties unless required by law (for example, if the infomation is subject to a warrant or subpoena).

Any information collected is used solely by authorised MarketingBooks staff for the purposes of:

  • Analysing the effectiveness of the website to improve its usefulness and service;
  • Processing electronic transactions;
  • Checking and registering of companies for MarketingBooks events and/or services; and/or
  • Processing a request or feedback by a user.

Security, intrusion, and detection  

Unauthorised attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage to our website, are strictly prohibited and may be result in legal action.


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